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The Body Phenomenon


We humans have certain physical indicators that we notice about ourselves from time to time.  It might have been a once occurring situation or has become an ongoing dilemma.  Perhaps you’ve noticed one of these physical indicators on someone else’s body or you’ve overheard someone talking about them.                       

Can you relate to some of these symptoms in your body?   

  • Those brown spots showing up on your hands, arms or chest
  • Are you bothered by excessive sweating, especially at night as you sleep
  • Or maybe you are losing your hair…way too much hair
  • Does your eye twitch for no good reason?
  • You can’t seem to sleep through the night
  • You have those black “squiggly things” in your field of vision
  • Your dry skin is only getting worse; elbows and heels are rough and crusty
  • The bottom of your feet hurt when you first launch out of bed in the morning
  • Do your finger nails have those white spots, or do they split and break?
  • Are there too many pimples on your face or buttocks?
  • And your ears itch all of the time
  • You fatigue easily…why is that?
  • You sprain, scar or bruise easily
  • You tend to cough or sneeze the first few minutes after you awaken
  • You tend to skip breakfast and crave chocolate…any kind!
  • You can’t stand to stand, for long periods of time
  • You get too many headaches
  • You’re very familiar with canker sores or cold sores
  • You feel bloated after most meals
  • Gums bleed when you brush your teeth
  • Insignificant activities cause pain and soreness…everywhere
  • You don’t like and can’t explain your mysterious bad breath problem
  • The winter season seems to be harder on you with every passing year
  • You are not good with names
  • Your motivation is low…too low
  • Your lips crack, especially near the corners of your mouth
  • Your eye lashes are going away…and you don’t know where!
  • Sunlight hurts your eyes more now, than ever
  • What about those unexplained nose bleeds?
  • Joints creak and squeak
  • You sprain, scar or bruise easily
  • Your motivation is low…too low
  • You urinate more than 8 times per day
  • You can’t stand to stand, for long periods of time
  • Insignificant activities cause pain and soreness…everywhere
  • Are there too many pimples on your face or buttocks?
  • What about those unexplained nose bleeds?
  • You anger easily…too easily!
  • You heal too slowly

Someone somewhere can attest to the fact they experience a number of these phenomenon listed. They may have gotten used to and virtually live with these indications every day.  For others, these kinds of phenomenon can be terribly discomforting and become a significant  compromise to a person’s quality of life and happiness.  Most of us have searched the world for various remedies and relief, without success.

Advertisers have studied the top symptoms of mankind and continue to invent various “snake-oils” to sell on late-night television and flood the radio waves with promises of fast relief.  It is the ongoing and sustaining symptoms that drive up the sales once again and again and again.  How can we not choose to try another special offer, because maybe this time it will work!  We are left with lingering questions as our symptoms persist and our search for answers continues!  You ask, “How can they have duped those people into saying the product works when I know it doesn’t?”  “Why doesn’t the government step in and do something about false advertising claims and schemes because people like me are hurt and discouraged by them?”  “Why are there high risks involved with drug therapies, when only minimal results are attained?”  “Will I ever find a cure, relief, or answers that will help me handle a problem that is driving me mad?”

Let’s find a real solution to your health dilemma!   I want you to know that collectively, we’ve been helping people like you for over 27 years. We can legitimately help solve problems and  issues that relate to a body-in-need such as yours.  A persistent problem with your body is a good thing!  It really is!  It is your body telling you that something needs your attention.  Let’s solve it together!

Call our HealthQuest Radio Hotline to schedule a New Patient Strategy Consultation with one of our doctors.  The number 800-794-1855.

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