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pH I-What’s Your Personal Health Number?

pH is the most important indicator of our internal health.  Acid or alkaline, it’s your true health number.  Find out if your body is acid or alkaline: it’s all about balance.  First in a 3 part series.

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One Response to “pH I-What’s Your Personal Health Number?”

  1. Carla Says:

    The girls and I all have stomach issues, including hiatal hernias. The girls’ pediatrician as well as their father keeps pushing antacids on them. I know this is not good and take enzymes after everything I eat, including snacks. I do well when I do this, and my youngest daughter does, too. The oldest denies she has a problem with this and doesn’t do too well. I’ve never had their pH levels checked. Both my urine and saliva have been chronically acidic for years, and yes I have lots of inflammation so that’s probably why. Thanks for the insight.

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