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pH III-Your Potential Health

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What signs and symptoms are related to an unhealthy pH balance?   Learn how a simple test can determine your “health number” and ways you can get your body back into balance.  Last in a 3 part series.

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4 Responses to “pH III-Your Potential Health”

  1. Leza Says:

    Yeay, you’re finally up here! Love being able to listen to the podcasts! :-)

    Thought this went along quite well with this week’s broadcast (3/7/09), but what am I saying since they’re *all* interrelated?! ;-)

    Q: My pH *never* goes down and has been that way for 6 or how many years I’ve been checking it. :-P I need to get back on the Multiquest on a regular basis, again…, and when I did the HealthE pH…, my overly sensitive stomach wasn’t too thrilled with it if I recall correctly. Would the Kyolic aged garlic be something else that would help lower pH levels???

  2. Leza Says:

    (I’m wondering that because of stress levels.) :-)

  3. admin Says:

    Are you located in an area where you can come in for a consult with Dr. Kolbaba? If not, a phone consult/strategy session will help get you to the next step.

  4. DR K Says:

    Leza, Welcome to our site. Your pH concern is one of the most important aspects of higher health and longevity. Be sure to Listen to our 3 part series on pH. Let me know how we can help you further your understanding!

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