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February 3rd, 2018

First Things First…Easier Said Than Done

Maybe you don’t need a flu shot…maybe you don’t need a shingles shot….after all. Dr. David Kolbaba discusses the best defense from sickness and disease infections and how to get yourself healthy!

February 11th, 2017

Kill Shot…Death by Stress

Dr. David Kolbaba discusses oxidative stress and how free radicals damage your body. Additional topics include the downside of exercise, why walking is superior and the connection between lack of sleep and belly fat.

October 1st, 2016

Your Health Questions Answered

Do you have what it takes to get healthy?  Prevent disease and avoid dangerous treatment! Dr. David Kolbaba shares listeners questions covering topics regarding prescription medications, overeating, fatigue, prostate issues, hormones, hypertension and more.  Lifestyle strategies are explained.

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