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September 14th, 2019

Sneak Peek: “Honoring Your Body’s Divine Design” Excerpt

From Dr. David C. Kolbaba

One of the largest epidemics in America these days is currently being treated with a “Band-aid” approach. American Consumers are spending hundreds of billions in an attempt to overcome this health challenge, with very little success!

So…. What do you think it is?

The answer is Pre-Mature Aging. My new book, “Honoring your Body’s Divine Design: Overcoming America’s Pre-Mature Aging Epidemic” tackles this “vitality-robbing” assault on our public health in a whole new way.

It combines my 35 years of clinical experience with the latest insights in Functional Medicine; while honoring the “Divine Design” of our body, utilizing faith-based wisdom from the inspired Word of God, the Bible.

Our human bodies were actually “Divinely-Designed” to age slower, function better, remain healthy as we get on, in years.

I wrote “Honoring Your Body’s Divine Design” to help people activate their birthright of health and vitality; and prove once and for all…. that:

“You don’t have to go through hell to become healthy”.

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