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Top Ten Indications…You Might Want to Consider…Firing Your Doctor!


Remember…You are a Consumer 1st…a Patient 2nd…

This isn’t a “jump your doctor” list but a “consumer affirmation tool”. Consider these 10 top indications if your doctor says to you…”Hey, you’re not going to live forever and you need to get used to it!”

1. If your doctor “Fails the 2 Hour, 2 Minute Rule”…

…which means that you’re stuck waiting too long and your time is cut short when seeing him.

Reality check… On average, your doctor is spending less than 8 minutes with you.

2. “No Speaka da English”…(2 types)

Supporting evidence: 1st type

Clue: Your doctor doesn’t speak fluent English…very difficult to follow…in conversation.


2nd type

Your doctor doesn’t speak a language you can understand or comprehend, from your point of view or perspective.

3. If your doctor has BAABS…”Blind as a Bat” Syndrome

Supporting evidence: If your doctor is not educating you in your process towards better health and longevity and/or sharing a vision for what your next step will be.

Instead, you are kept in the dark, probably because your doctor lives there.

4. If your doctor suffers from FDS…”Frigid Doctor Syndrome”

Supporting evidence: When your “uncommunicative” doctor is frequently seen wearing surgical gloves and/or totes a surgeon’s mask or stethoscope around their neck.

Or…does your doctor’s cologne arrive before he or she does?

5. If your doctor is a “Stare-Gazer”

Supporting evidence: Are you getting eye contact with your doctor or does he/she stare at a piece of paper?

6. If your doctor is the type of doctor that says “No” to Nutrients

Supporting evidence: If you’re advised to stop taking all of your nutritional supplements as a pre-requisite to surgery, without explaining sufficient reasons to do so.

7. If your doctor suffers from UDS…”Uncoordinated Doctor Syndrome”

Supporting evidence: Your doctor prescribes several prescription drugs and you’re left not knowing anything about them. 

And at the same time…another doctor has you on “his” prescription drugs… and none of the doctors are working in coordination with each other!

8. Suffers from “UDS type II”…”Uneducated Doctor Syndrome”

Supporting evidence: You make a startling discovery that your doctor has never taken a clinical course in nutrition nor is he/she interested in doing so.

9. If your doctor is a “Phantom Doctor”?

Supporting evidence: Are you actually making a direct connection with your doctor often or is the clinic staff always running interference?

He’s the doctor who isn’t there for you in emergency situations. You might even hear his voice sometimes or see shadows of him whisking through the hallway.

Discussions in the reception room often include…”I thought I saw him”!

10. When your doctor uses The “Great Karnak Technique” on you.

Supporting evidence: Your doctor uses a “keep you in the dark” technique, and somehow keeps you wondering what’s going on. There’s no “sit down” session for review of any of your testing or exam results.  This gives you a continual uneasiness regarding your future care. 

Remember…You are a Consumer 1st…a Patient 2nd…

Have you learned to live with this type of patient-to-doctor relationship?

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