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What Once Was . . . Is Not Now

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You have questions, I have questions. Should I get the flu shot? Why do my feet hurt when I jump out of bed in the morning? Why can’t I seem to lose weight, even when I’m following the diet? Why are people more likely to do something regarding their health, only after a symptom appears? Dr David Kolbaba sheds some light on these and other questions as well as a discussion of items that were once safe but are now considered dangerous to our health.

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One Response to “What Once Was . . . Is Not Now”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Hi i am very interested in how antibiotic’s has ruined the lives of millions of people and they don’t even know it. and i also would like to see , the rating of american resturante’s still using it and those resturante’s whose’s meat product free of it.

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