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Midnight Special Part 1

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ADULT CONTENT… Join Dr. David C. Kolbaba for a special 2 hour broadcast of HealthQuest Radio at the Coffee House.  “Sex, UFO’s and Other Unexplainable Phenomenon” are topics of discussion.  Colorful facts on aphrodisiacs, women and sex, ufo sightings and space encounters round out the show.  Don’t miss the musical number by the HealthQuest staff.

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4 Responses to “Midnight Special Part 1”

  1. Leza Says:

    Dr. K was mentioning STDs:

    Lauricidin (monolaurin) is an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral supplement that I’ve heard is “effective” against HPV (human papilloma virus), herpes, and HIV. Would it “cure” or just help manage these?

    Lauricidin, for those who haven’t heard, *is* known to kill the influenza virus, among other things, so don’t fear the flu! :-)

  2. Jo Says:

    TMI! TMI! jk ;-)

  3. tony Says:

    Je T’aime–tragic song when you translate it, but it reflects how society confuses and accepts love as sex and sex as love. La Macarena is another example of a popular (and foreign) dance song that when translated is, well, tragic.

    LOL, Jo, Too Much Info can spoil things, n’est pas?!

  4. katzeyez Says:

    hey i’ve been taking TONS of zinc for this cold i’ve had the past two weeks and haven’t noticed one bit of difference with my libido. it’s still as low as the depths of the ocean just like it’s always been. take pity on my poor husband, oh yeah, and on me, too. i guess i’ll have to try the spanish fly, oysters, and almonds, and stay away from the lavender.

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