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The Miracle Man

The Miracle Man

On our Midnight Show, broadcast on November 7th, we interviewed a California man who suffered a cardiac arrest and survived 10 minutes without oxygen. With Artic Sun Hypothermia treatment, the “Miracle Man” . . . Mike Connolly, has been given a second chance at life.   If you would like to help Mike in his recovery, please send donations to:   

Marilyn Cipriani
1075 Shadowridge Drive, Unit 70
Vista, CA 92081     

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  1. Patrick Says:

    A worthy cause. Staying alive isn’t always financially easy for a lot of people, and unfortunately neither insurance companies nor the government in, spite of what they say, will really help. And all drug companies want is glory and all the money they can get while masking illnesses instead of healing. Natural remedies and the least invasive ways are the way to go.

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