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Nutritional Supplements: One of Dr. K’s Top 5 to Stay Alive and Thrive

Namely…fish oils. ¬†Joining Dr. David Kolbaba is Adam Banning, Customer Marketing Manager for Metagenics and territory sales manager, Malvina Weiss. Discussions include a comprehensive look at the differences and benefits of omega fatty acids and using the correct balance in our diets.

Our pharmaceutical grade, high-quality fish oil has gone through the standardized EUROFINS process, the most rigorous testing for heavy metals, radiation and other pollutants. You can be sure you’re buying the cleanest, safest and most effective fish oil on the market. ¬†“Little Fish Oil” is available at 20% off for a limited time by calling our HealthQuest Radio Hotline at 800-794-1855.

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