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Kyolic Garlic’s “Heart Healthy” Lifestyle

Dr. David C. Kolbaba interviews Dr. James LaValle of Kyolic Garlic’s “HealthStyle”.   Find out the amazing health benefits of aged garlic extract.  The doctors discuss essential diet and exercise strategies as well as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immune system response and stress.

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2 Responses to “Kyolic Garlic’s “Heart Healthy” Lifestyle”

  1. Carol Says:

    Growing up, we ate a lot of garlic, not only for flavor but because both my parents believed it was very healthy. We rarely got sick in those days, and if one family member got sick, no one else did.

    My sister hates the smell of garlic, so stopped cooking with it when she married and moved away from home. Her family gets sick often, and when one get’s a bug, they all do. This kind of garlic sounds like something she would use. Will have to pass your blog on to her!

  2. admin Says:

    Your sister will find this show very informative as Dr. LaValle explains the manufacturing process of aging the garlic and the research behind this amazing nutrient supplement. She can call our HealthQuest Radio Hotline at 1-800-794-1855 for more information.

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