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Essential Fatty Acids are polyunsaturated oils – the “good” fat. These oils are essential because our bodies don’t manufacture them and must be obtained on a daily basis through our diet. The most important essential fatty acids are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the omega 3’s. Insufficient omega-3 rich foods in the standard American diet make it imperative to supplement these fatty acids daily.

These rich and most beneficial essential fatty acids are found in cold water fish such as anchovies, sardines and mackerel. The omega 3’s are beneficial for many autoimmune and inflammatory disorders such as arthritis, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus and psoriasis. They are nutrients responsible for cell flexibility, nerve communications and mood support.

These polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids nutritionally support healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health. They are constituents in many cells and are particularly abundant in brain and retina tissue, nerve synapses, and adrenal glands. They have many roles in the body with involvement in two main areas, cardiovascular and nervous system health.

Studies have shown that eating fish oils reduces cholesterol levels moderately and triglycerides significantly. In both animal and cell cultures, EPA and DHA have been shown to halt cardiac arrhthymias by stabilizing the membrane excitability of heart cells that lead to the arrhthymias. The use of fish oil should be considered to reduce the risk of primary cardiac arrest and certainly as a post infarct secondary prevention. Researchers have also shown that more frequent consumption of fish oils appear to protect against late age-related macular degeneration and reducing incidents of strokes.

Additionally, proper nutrition with omega 3’s during pregnancy and lactation are especially important for the health of both mom and child. Fish oils are crucial for healthy development in children both visually and cognitively. Ask about our fish oil supplement, Orthomega Pearls, just for kids! 

As you can see, fish oils are the best overall nutritional supplement you can use for your body’s optimal health. Ask for our handouts: Purity Standard and Why Take Vitamin Supplements for further information about our line of high quality supplements and their benefits.

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