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Vitamins. . . Why Take

Why do you need to take vitamin supplements anyway? With all the nutrient information out there, how do you know what vitamins are safe and effective? Dr. David C. Kolbaba explains how vitamin supplements fit into your life. Listen to Dr. K’s Rapid Fire to find out what vitamin your dog makes but you can’t!

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2 Responses to “Vitamins. . . Why Take”

  1. Pat Says:

    I listened with great interest to your program via your blog, especially when Bruce called in. Like him, my 78 year old mother is showing signs of dementia. She also is frail due to osteoporosis, something a doctor told her hypothyroidism/the medication she’s taken for it since she was 19 years old has “caused”. Surprisingly, she is stick thin (she’s always watched her weight), and not as shocking is she’s shrunk in height.

    Are there any shows specific to this problem, or is there any (trusted) literature out there?


  2. Ratcha Says:

    wow. that is a great deal of information. I do not even know if I could do all that. And thank you so much for letting me in on all the info.

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