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Take a Healtha-Vacation

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Prevent the decline of your health and well being with a “Healtha-vacation.”  Dr. David Kolbaba explains our process of detoxification and with the help of a qualified “health coach”, you can reach your goals.  Forget those cheap “detox in a box” methods. Listen as three of our patients testify how our process has changed their lives.

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One Response to “Take a Healtha-Vacation”

  1. Leza Says:

    Health Coach — Emotional & spiritual support; accountability
    Supplements — Nutritional support; bringing “balance” to my body
    Chiropractic Adjustments — Structural support and balance to my body, including my internal organs :-)
    Prayer — Dr. K did a *lot* of this over me!!!
    Detox — Did all but 2 years of this, showing how bad off I was
    All these things literally helped save my life.

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