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Going Negative

Looking for a safe and natural alternative to pharmaceutical cold and flu products for children? Join Dr. David C. Kolbaba for an interview with pediatrician, Dr. Yohanna Vernon, spokesperson for xylitol-based Xlear Nasal Spray.  What’s the most unhealthy candy in your children’s trick or treat bag?  Find out in our HealthQuest QuizQuest Question segment.

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3 Responses to “Going Negative”

  1. Leza Says:

    *Super* show!!! One of my faves!!! 🙂

  2. Freddie Says:

    Okaaaaaay, soooo like what are the better kinds of candy? In the mean time, I’ll be eating up all the Butterfingers and Reeses I can find in my dorm to rid my roomies of these evils! Selfless, I know. Then they will have to listen to your show to find out ~why~!
    And, how do Paydays or Almond Joys do on that list of bad candy? What about that really really nummy-good Swiss or Belgian chocolates that are to ~die~ for? They have to be better for you, don’t they?

  3. Deb Says:

    Thanx for the fyi on xylitol! I had heard about it being “good”, but never knew why before this show. I have kids with sinus problems and would definitely like to try the xlear nasal spray during these dry winter months.

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