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Your Life . . . Upside Down or Right Side Up? Part II

Take off that “kick me” sign! Contrary to popular belief, getting sick is not part of a genetic weakness. If you’re living a lower level of health, you are more vulnerable to predacious diseases. Here at HealthQuest Radio, we’re all about helping you make better health and lifestyle choices. Listen as Dr. David C. Kolbaba shares ways to turn your life “right side up”. Second in a 2 part series.

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4 Responses to “Your Life . . . Upside Down or Right Side Up? Part II”

  1. Leza Says:

    Ticks. Yup, we have *lots* of them up here where we live in WI! What’s really alarming is the large number of neighbors and their dogs who have had/have Lymes. A whole family–including their dog–has had it, while a husband and wife have both had it twice. Several dogs have also had it twice, and unfortunately several families have also lost their dogs to Lymes. :-{ Some of these dogs that died from Lymes or got Lymes had the vaccine for it. Needless to say, that is *one* shot my poochie is not getting!!!

    Any natural remedies to hold these guys–and our “state bird”, the mosquito–at bay??? Any essential oil mixture or something?

  2. Leza Says:

    Oh, and the number of people within a few blocks that have had Lymes is about two dozen, no kidding!!!

  3. moderator Says:


    There are many natural insect repellants that contain essential oils and plants that can help with your problem. Although we don’t have a show or kit to link to this subject right now, do your research and seek out reputable companies that sell pure products for both people and pets that are toxic free. If you’re making your own remedies, look for therapeutic-grade essential oils. Good luck!

  4. Leza Says:


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