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Your Body’s Roadmap

Tune in with Dr. David C. Kolbaba and staff as we explain a testing procedure that measures how your body is operating.  The BioImpedance Analysis test is a foundational tool we use in our clinic to measure your weight, muscle and fat percentages as well as energy levels and immune system.  Research and studies have found this to be a valuable tool for AIDS and cancer patients.


3 Responses to “Your Body’s Roadmap”

  1. Jodi Says:

    The BIA sounds so cool! I’m gonna have to try to come to this seminar. Guess if I miss it, it sounds like you have this equipment in your office?

  2. Marie Says:

    Hummm–that might explain my green thumb ‘cuz my plants otherwise are neglected!

  3. moderator Says:


    Yes! This non-invasive test is available at our clinic. Call us at 1-800-794-1855 to schedule an appointment. We’re located in West Dundee, IL.

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