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Whiplash, Widgets and Worldviews

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“Whiplash of the body and whiplash in the media” is the subject of our HealthQuest Radio show. Dr. David C. Kolbaba shares the importance of chiropractic care in the treatment of whiplash injuries and answers the top 20 questions about this subject. With all the information coming at us on a daily basis, is the media reporting the news correctly? Listen to a compelling story of a soldier with a rocket-propelled grenade lodged in his hip and the doctors who treated him. Find out which high-calorie drinks are the most dangerous for your health.

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One Response to “Whiplash, Widgets and Worldviews”

  1. Mom4Jesus Says:

    Fourteen years ago when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, another car rolled into our car as we were stopped at a light. I was sitting sideways searching for something when she hit us. We were on our way to my OB, so I thought I’d tell him what had happened since I had previous neck injuries and was already beginning to feel pain. When I did, he looked at me like I was nuts for even complaining about such a thing, and said, “So?” I felt really stupid and embarrassed, and just lived with the pain, investing instead in different pillows to help me sleep at night. A few years later, I sought out Dr. K mainly as a nutritionist and was shocked at how much damage had been done to my neck in that amount of time!

    My advice to anyone out there: Even if someone just lightly rolls into you, or you trip or fall, run, don’t walk, to your chiropractor! And don’t let anyone make you think you are overreacting!

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