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It’s “out of the cave” as spring approaches and thoughts turn to outdoor activities.  “Our bodies are made to move alot, most of the time” . . . and this is the perfect time to condition and ready yourself for individual and team sports.  Learn about our BioImpedance Analysis test, our non-invasive, personal assessment of your whole body’s health.  For optimal performance, get our Sports Survival Kit by calling 1-800-794-1855.

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One Response to “Out and About”

  1. Leza Says:

    Can I tell you how tired of winter I am? The nature trails that I walk are closed down due to extreme mud conditions and the flooding of the creek…, and after more snow started melting, yesterday, today it’s snowing, again! Argh!!!

    We had 8″ of heavy wet snow up here in WI, last week, but had escaped it by heading down to IL to hike around in Starved Rock and Mattiessen State Parks. It’s ~amazing~ the temp differences 7 hours south makes!!! 🙂

    Was glad to see you all while I was there for a BIA, HC and adjustment! 🙂

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