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Landing on the Hudson: Integrate Not Mitigate

Dr. David C. Kolbaba enthusiastically discusses the water landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River, New York.  He shares his thoughts on the health of pilot Chesley Sullenburger and how it contributed to the miraculous outcome.  Guest interviews with retired commercial airline pilots as well as a satire from a bird’s point of view.

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One Response to “Landing on the Hudson: Integrate Not Mitigate”

  1. Janie Says:

    This was like so cool. I am from the NYC area. Didn’t see it happen, but know exactly where this plane ultimately ended up–just north of Battery Park on the NY side.

    God knew what was going to happen to that plane and put the most qualified pilot there to guide it down safely onto that icy cold water with His guidance. Totally awsome. A true miracle!

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