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If You Know the Man, Then You Know the Message

Are you plagued by fatigue, hormone imbalances or sleep disturbances?  Eye-twitching or lack of concentration? The message is all about adrenals!  Join Dr. David C. Kolbaba for a discussion concerning stress and the impact it has on the body.  The most common cause of today’s most prevalent diseases can be traced to our daily stresses.  If you’ve got “spit to spare”, our simple at-home adrenal stress testing kit can help determine a course of action toward lowering those harmful stressors that make life so miserable and limiting.

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3 Responses to “If You Know the Man, Then You Know the Message”

  1. i4one Says:

    i think i really need to have my adrenals tested. i need to come into your office for health coaching with dr k too.

  2. Carol Says:

    I’d like to see you do a whole show on EMs. I’m very sensitive to them, but didn’t even stop to think that they also cause stress on the body!

  3. Jake Says:

    I have spit to spare! I hope to get this ASI test done, soon.

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