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If You Just Tuned In . . .

Dr. David C. Kolbaba discusses a variety of subjects in this live broadcast. Tune in for conversation highlighting marathon running, heart health and the Bioimpedance Analysis testing. Future show subjects such as swine flu, toxic environmental burden on the body and dairy products are also highlighted.

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2 Responses to “If You Just Tuned In . . .”

  1. jack Says:

    Where can I find this program mentioned on cholesterol?

  2. moderator Says:


    You can find the show, “Heart on Fire” broadcast February 17, 2007, in the “Best of Years Past” category. You can download it to your computer or sign up for podcasts. If you’d like a CD copy of this show, you can call our HealthQuest Radio Hotline at 1-800-794-1855 to order. Thanks for listening to HealthQuest Radio!

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