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Easier is Better

Take life a little easier with tips from Dr. David C. Kolbaba.   Dr. K answers listeners questions about issues relating to digestive disorders and body odor.  Find out how skin plays an important role in your health and what you can do to protect yourself from environmental toxins.  Facts about aluminum and its connection with Alzheimer’s disease are covered.  We say here at HealthQuest….”You are what you eat, You are what you…everything!”

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One Response to “Easier is Better”

  1. fuzzy1 Says:

    Okay, I will now be waiting with baited breath to learn why the body places aluminum in the brain of all places. I have toxic levels of it in my body, tests have shown, so this is important to me. My mom used to cook with aluminum pots and pans and I’ve heard that acidic foods like tomatoes leach aluminum into whatever you are cooking. Oh, yea, and we wrapped sandwiches in foil, too! Yea, she’s got the senile thing going…

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