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Dr. K’s Top Ten Winter Safety Tips & Recommendations

ice fall

Starved Rock State Park

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall . . . what’s your favorite season?  If winter falls at the bottom of the list for you, Dr. David C. Kolbaba recommends taking the time to explore the outdoor beauty of this quiet season.  The crisp, clean air.  The beauty of a fresh, fallen snow.  Leave the stresses of the world behind and start creating a level of health for yourself that draws you higher and higher like you’ve never experienced before.  So, let’s get out there!  Walking, ice skating, snowshoeing, sledding, hiking, skiing . . . the choice is up to you!


3 Responses to “Dr. K’s Top Ten Winter Safety Tips & Recommendations”

  1. Leza Says:

    I recognized where this was even before I saw the caption! 🙂 *Hoping* to be down there this spring!!! *Love* Starved Rock State Park!!!

    Favs: 1)Summer (never long enough, especially in Northern WI!!!); 2)Spring (everything’s coming back to life, it’s warmer and sunnier); 3)Fall (pretty, and still kinda warm and kinda light…) Winter doesn’t make it on my list–I tolerate and make the best of it. I’m living in the wrong part of the country!!!

    We’re all taking vitamin D3, this fall/winter here in the frozen tundra! *Big* fan of it!!! 🙂

  2. David H Says:

    I was there last fall. Beautiful place. Utica’s a nice little town. Also, I can claim to have been to Peru …. Peru, Illinois.

  3. Leza Says:

    Lucky you, David! It must have been *gorgeous* in the fall!!! Ever eat @ Duffy’s? Their Corned beef and cabbage soup and other meals are awesome! Yea, we’ve been to Peru (IL) too! :-}

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