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Dr. K’s Prescription for Better Health & Longevity

Tune in as Dr. David C. Kolbaba shares his prescription for higher health by sharing these words to live by:  “Live the one life you have…Get to the highest level of health you can get…and take everything you see and hear with a grain of salt.”  Dr. K shares his opinions on current news stories regarding swine flu, mamograms, CT scans and the climbers on Mount Hood.

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2 Responses to “Dr. K’s Prescription for Better Health & Longevity”

  1. Janna Says:

    I kinda had a Mt. Hood experience. Me and my friends decided to go canoeing down the Delaware River instead of the shore. I normally check the weather, but somehow didn’t this time or the weather pattern changed where we were. Anyway, the guys and I started down the river. They spent most of the time in the water while I maneuvered the canoe on my own. It was sunny and beautiful where we were. After a while, I started hearing rumbling in the distance, but didn’t see anything until we got farther down the river. Dark clouds and lightning were in the sky up ahead, and I was beginning to freak! The guys couldn’t hear me calling for them because they were busy snorkeling. I was sitting in an aluminum canoe and was thinking what a predicament we were in! Fortunately, because we were taking our time, the storm blew over before we got to our stopping point. Only then did the guys hear and see the danger we could of been in because they were snorkeling the whole trip down the river! On our way home, corn fields we drove past were mangled, and in some places, leveled. When we got to my friend’s house, his parents looked really concerned and asked if we had run into the storm. They told us that near where our trip had ended, the news was saying a mini tornado had blown through! Okay, like in New Jersey, we get hurricanes. Tornadoes are extremely rare, so this was totally bizarre!

  2. Ikey Says:

    Many years ago when I was in my teens, if we went to our doctors with complaints about our stomachs, we’d be placed behind some sort of screen, and the doctor would tell us, “Ah,yes! I see what you mean.” I’m fairly sure it was some sort of x-ray device. Then in the 1960’s Walk Well, a shoe store, had some sort of x-ray machine they used to show their customers how well the shoe fit or didn’t fit. I remember thinking back then an uneasiness as it was used on my young children’s feet. This was in New Jersey. Does anyone else remember these trends?

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