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Rescue Beacon Summons Airliners

airliner rescue 

With the aid of binoculars, passengers and crew of two airliners locate lost Australian sailor adift at sea for over a week when rough seas snapped the mast on his boat.  An Air Canada plane and an Air New Zealand aircraft swooped down to 4,000 feet to assist rescuers in the search for the man who had activated his emergency beacon.  His remote location was out of helicopter range, so rescuers asked the planes’ pilots to get involved as they were flying over the vessel’s GPS position.  The sailor was later picked up by a rescue boat after the planes helped pinpoint his location 300 miles off Australia.  Passengers said it was very exciting to be involved in a search like this.  View the youtube video of the pilot’s comments about the experience.

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  1. Patti Says:

    Cool!! Thank the Lord this man was found–it’s an amazing story!

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