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Be Your Own Hero

Dr. David Kolbaba discusses the bogus science and big money behind cancer drug development.  Save yourself and your family from becoming a statistic of the “sick care” industry. Take control of your health and be “fully present” for the next challenge that comes your way.  Hear the audio of an 80 year-old woman making an emergency landing with no prior training as her husband lie slumped over the pilot’s wheel.

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2 Responses to “Be Your Own Hero”

  1. Andy Says:

    Big Pharma. Need we say more?

  2. Leza Says:

    99%! My mom had learned from her uncle, a self-made millionaire, that “*every* penny counts”, and taught us that early on in life. He often told us that, too, and to put it in the bank and not spend it. The only time I haven’t ever picked up a coin is when it’s been in a large crowd and it’s underfoot!

    If I see anyone drop a coin, like most people, I’ll pick it up and hand it to them, and in the one case where my friends and I found a bunch of $20 bills blowing around in the wind, we brought it to the police department to see if anyone would report it missing. A week or two later, we split that money between the three of us because it hadn’t been claimed.

    I often think of lost coins as poor, lost, ~lonely~, and *sad*. So picking it up makes it happy to be found and wanted, again! –That’s probably stuck in my mind from how I saw it as a young child, lol! 😀

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