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The Mis-Information Highway

Worried about too much salt in your diet?  Are you getting regular mammograms?  Dr. David Kolbaba discusses the latest news on both of these topics and how mis-information can lead us to making the wrong choices.  And the question “what would you “not do” if you won the lottery” rounds out the show.  Read our website article “The Controversy Continues” regarding the latest findings on mammograms.  Get informed!  Learn more about salt with our article, “The Salt Debate“.

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2 Responses to “The Mis-Information Highway”

  1. Leza Says:

    Thanks to your urging, Dr. K, I get annual *thermograms* which are not only safe, they have the ability to spot cancer in its infant stages, ***years*** before a mammogram could ever detect cancer. A thermogram is also the only tool that can detect a rare but extremely fast spreading and deadly cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

    Therms take temperature readings off of your body and records your body’s unique thermal pattern. It is then read by a doctor and compared with previous thermograms. Fascinating technology that was first developed by the military. I go for a therm next Monday!
    Therms are super for those who don’t tolerate radiation, are young (pre-menopausal) who have denser breasts (who require more radiation), or anyone who would like a safe cancer screening. You may also value seeing cysts that are causing discomfort and pain. Mammograms don’t do this, and *never* gave *me* peace of mind like therms do.

  2. Leza Says:

    Just found a discussion on therms several years ago along with Pam, a thermographer:

    This is a list of thermographers to find in your area:

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