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December 19th, 2015

How About A Healthy Life Expectancy

Take care of the body you have!  Dr. David Kolbaba discusses life expectancy today. Even though we can live to be 80 years old, diseases are affecting our quality of life.  Holiday hints and the benefits of progressive testing are highlighted. Call our HealthQuest Radio Hotline to schedule a New Patient Consultation with Dr. Kolbaba and learn more about our progressive testing options.

September 21st, 2013

Simple Strategies for Longevity

We all want to live a long and healthy life.  Find out how key supplements like vitamin E and C can help, along with special “cellular” testing.  Dr. David Kolbaba welcomes Dr. Daniel Crisafi, PhD, spokesperson for Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract.  Try our super high-quality vitamin C, “Sunny C 1000” as mentioned in our show.  Learn how our “Telomere Test” is a “window to your cellular age.” 

Call our HealthQuest Radio Hotline to schedule your Telomere Test or order our Sunny C 1000 supplement at 1-800-794-1855

April 10th, 2010

If Not Now, When?

78% of Americans are overweight.   Do you think a person can be overweight and still be healthy?  Find out the answer with host, Dr. David C. Kolbaba as he discusses this controversial question.  He also shares simple ways to get healthy and stay healthy.

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