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August 22nd, 2020

Maybe It’s Time to Engage in the Process

. . . a better process. Dr. David Kolbaba shares “not partisan, equal opportunity” content in this broadcast. The importance of self-assessment is key to a healthier you.

July 18th, 2020

Truth and Consequences

“Truth, justice and the American way? . . . Escaping the medical maze. Dr. David Kolbaba shares his opinions about the changes that we’ve seen this year including standards and protocols. Do they make sense . . . what are the blessings? Progressive testing is explained.

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May 9th, 2020

Freedom Over Fear

Join Dr. Kolbaba for another 2 hour show! Topic highlights include our nation’s current scenario…a “situation-ship”… but we have “all we need.” What are you involved with as it pertains to your body and current health status? How prepared are you to handle crisis? Listeners ask questions.

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