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November 14th, 2020

16 “Break-Out” Strategies to Help Regain Your “Personal-Health Freedoms”

Feeling driven and tossed by the current news? Dr. David Kolbaba shares inspirational messages and a list of strategies to help “ground” us during these uncertain times. View our list of “16 Break-Out Strategies” to get you back on track.

August 22nd, 2020

Maybe It’s Time to Engage in the Process

. . . a better process. Dr. David Kolbaba shares “not partisan, equal opportunity” content in this broadcast. The importance of self-assessment is key to a healthier you.

July 18th, 2020

Truth and Consequences

“Truth, justice and the American way? . . . Escaping the medical maze. Dr. David Kolbaba shares his opinions about the changes that we’ve seen this year including standards and protocols. Do they make sense . . . what are the blessings? Progressive testing is explained.

View our Vitamin D3 Dosage chart for a guide in taking the right amount of vitamin D3 all year long.

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