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June 29th, 2019

Back to Biology Class

“A Lesson from the Neighborhood Bar…something that could save your life.”  Dr. David C. Kolbaba welcomes Georgia Austin, a certified clinical nutritionist/certified nutrition specialist in private practice in Central New York and a Training Specialist for Metagenics. Put on your “thinking caps” for discussions about the science behind inflammation…the source of all of our troubles. SPM Active, a nutraceutical formula supplement, that can help support the body’s natural ability to resolve the immune response, is highlighted.

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September 17th, 2016

Getting to Zero

Dr David Kolbaba shares some startling statistics regarding medical costs related to inactivity. Add overeating and obesity and you’ve hit the trifecta for the “sicker sooner-early death” syndrome. The healthier we become, the less attractive we are to predatory diseases.  Strategies to reach a higher level of health are discussed.

February 27th, 2016

Nutritional Supplements: One of Dr. K’s Top 5 to Stay Alive and Thrive

Namely…fish oils.  Joining Dr. David Kolbaba is Adam Banning, Customer Marketing Manager for Metagenics and territory sales manager, Malvina Weiss. Discussions include a comprehensive look at the differences and benefits of omega fatty acids and using the correct balance in our diets.

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