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July 15th, 2017

Want vs. Need…Important vs. the Urgent

Committed to our wants or committed to our needs, or just over-committed?  Dr. David Kolbaba discusses these challenges that are becoming more prevalent in our society and how cell phone/social media usage is affecting our brains and daily living. Commit to living a higher level of health, one step at a time!

May 20th, 2017

Taking You “Beyond the Basics”

Not everything that is commonly known to be true…is true. Tune in for this mind-bending show!  Dr. David Kolbaba will help you decipher and find the best daily multiple vitamin supplement. An interview with our friends from Metagenics, Adam Banning and Malvina Weiss, will feature our “Dr. K’s Super VitaQuest” high-quality, multi-vitamin and mineral daily supplement that “goes beyond the basics.”

Order your bottle of  “Dr. K’s Super VitaQuest” by calling our HealthQuest Radio Hotline at 800-794-1855.

December 21st, 2013

Christmas Hater

Don’t let the “Christmas Hater” sidetrack your holidays . . . make this your best Christmas yet with Dr. Kolbaba’s “Christmas Cues.”  Use our “Best Food Combination Chart” for making wise meal choices this season.  Listen to “Dr. K’s Life-to-Death Exit Strategy” and his inspirational “Christmas Basket” concept for living.

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