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6 week Weight Loss Challenge Results


 “Losing Weight and Feeling Great!”


Thank you to all the participants who joined our “Activate Elgin” Program.  It was our pleasure to teach and inspire the community by focusing on their health and well-being.  The turnout was fantastic and the results were even better!  We congratulate all of the participants that took the time to care and focus on their health.

We would also like to thank The Centre of Elgin and coordinator, Mitch Lehman for allowing the program to be held in their facility.  Our First Prize winner received a 3 month free membership for the highest % of total body fat loss in the first 4 weeks.

Thank you to our other sponsors: Fruitful Yield, Woodman’s, Trader Joes, FitRX, Chico, Metagenics, and Orthomolecular Products who helped provide prizes for the participants throughout the competition.

The program ended with a total of 30 participants spanning over the four weeks of lecturing.  Out of these 30 participants, we had approximately 15 who started and finished the program 6 weeks later.  Each participant weighed in and a BioImpedance Analysis test was performed.  The results are as follows:

                   Pounds Lost              % of Body Fat Lost

                       12.2                               3.7%

                         8.6                               3.5%

                         16                                2.0%

                         7.4                               2.0%

                         6.2                               1.8%

                         5.8                               1.8%

                         1.8                               1.5%

                         3.1                               1.2%

                         16                                0.1%

                         6.4                               0.1%

                         2.2                                  0%

                         1.2                                  0%

Totals:         86.9                       17.7% 

We appreciate everyone’s time and dedication to this project. We had fun helping the community and plan on many more programs in the future.  Again, congratulations to all the participants, we hope it changed your life in some not so small way.

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