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Archive for October, 2018

October 27th, 2018

Strategies for Cold and Flu Season

Dr. David Kolbaba welcomes Dr. James LaValle, nationally recognized clinical pharmacist, board certified clinical nutritionist, author, good friend and colleague. The doctors discuss common questions about cold and flu season and strategies that can help build your immune system. Wakunaga’s Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract is highlighted. Visit for more information about Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Immune Formula 103.

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To learn more about Dr. James LaValle, visit his website at

October 6th, 2018

Above or Below the Line

Are you aging faster than you’d like? Dr. David Kolbaba continues discussing premature aging and shares a self-appraisal test you can take to see where you stand. “Letting the Good In” exercise is explained.

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