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Archive for September, 2014

September 20th, 2014

Got Zinc?

Join Dr. David Kolbaba for an informative show that addresses the symptoms of zinc deficiency or leakage and some foods and beverages that cause it.  Among other topics include the latest research on artificial sweeteners.  Call our HealthQuest Radio Hotline at 800-794-1855 to schedule your Zinc Test.  View our handout for more information about this most essential mineral.  Call for more information about our Male Hormone Panel test.

September 13th, 2014

Independently Healthy…the Best Place to Be

Dr. David Kolbaba shares advice on becoming “independently healthy” by freeing ourselves from traditional healthcare.  Bogus research, deaths from routine surgeries and over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs are discussed as well as how you can take baby steps toward preventing disease and gaining higher health and longevity.

Find out the status of your health with our safe and non-invasive BioImpedance Analysis test. Call our HealthQuest Radio Hotline at 800-795-1855 to schedule your appointment.

September 6th, 2014

It’s a Nail Watch

Dr. David Kolbaba welcomes our newest sponsor, Tim Mount, a certified clinical nutritionist and certified master herbalist for NeoCell, a company that specializes in collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements for anti-aging, skin care and joint health.

Visit for their full line of products and check out Tim’s Mount’s blog for all the latest news and education from NeoCell.

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