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Archive for August, 2010

August 28th, 2010

HealthQuest This N’ That

It’s a smorgasboard of topics on today’s show: waist size and health, long-distance astronauts, news headlines and our Quiz Quest Question of the Day.  Callers ask Dr. David C. Kolbaba questions regarding smoking, coffee enemas, natural remedies for liver cancer as well as what to do about inflammation of the liver.  Here at HealthQuest, we believe in second chances…it’s never too late to begin your journey toward higher health and longevity! 

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August 21st, 2010

Your Body . . . Your Best Friend

For the first time in 28 years, Dr. David C. Kolbaba pre-empts this broadcast to hold an opinion poll.  Dr. K shares a personal dilemma and asks callers for advice.  Other topics include natural remedies for parkinson’s disease, the new nutritional supplement, AHCC and sleep disorders.

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August 14th, 2010

Mother Nature Is In Charge

Dr. David C. Kolbaba interviews retired Alaskan Bush Pilot, Mort Mason and author of  “The Alaska Bush Pilot Chronicles” as well as Stacy Malkan, author of “Not Just a Pretty Face, The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry”.  Additional topics in this broadcast include the Ted Stevens plane crash, swine flu, and the dangers of phthalates and their effect on our health.  Visit for more information on Ms. Malkan’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  You can find both authors books on

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